What we do

    Milestone has a growing list of Commercial Builders who we service providing  cost affective materials  with fast turnaround. Milestone can estimate large scale projects within one to two working days. With the capacity to provide 25 to 35 kitchens per week no job is to big or small!
    With the growing demand for stone Benchtops in the domestic market laminate is fast becoming outdated with cost effective stone alternatives. Now with Milestones Builders Range we can provide small to large building companies with quality stone options
    Why not come in to Milestone Bencthops and discuss your current renovation project, the guys on our team can help you through the entire renovation, in what ever area you need, site check, measure, remove old benchtops, cut material to size, fabricate, install. Or you can pick and chose, for those of you that want to get your hands dirty.
    Every Project is different and every stone type is unique, Milestone Benchtops can provide the most beautiful Natural Stone. We also have a Green Range product that is made form ECO recycled materials
    Milestone Wholesale Pty Ldt is a provider of Natural Stone slabs imported form all over the world including, Italy, USA, India and China weather its for a once off designer home or a large scale unit development. We also have our own range of Engineered Stone with a great quality and price, Ask about our range today.
    When it comes to planing any project we know how complicated it can be, from selecting material types to colors and brands. Why not take the pressure off and let one of our staff help you through the costing and design stage, right through to manufacture and installation.