What separates US from THEM, equating to a lower bottom line for YOU

    Milestone Benchtops is a leading fabricator and installer of granite, quartz, marble, etc. Milestone Benchtops provides the highest quality of fabrication and is a complete provider of both natural and engineered stone products. Milestone benchtops Stone Masons services Ballarat, Central Highlands and Surrounding areas.
    Utilizing state of the art Italian machinery, Milestone can customize any situation to suit you.


    • Fewer fabrication stations for your slabs to pass through en route to completion, resulting in untold energy conservation and substantial man-hour savings
    • Digital templating system consistently delivers pinpoint accuracy to the fabrication workstation for exacting craftsmanship, eliminating the need for costly construction and disposal of traditional plywood templates
    • Industrial grade digital imaging station captures and reproduces a true color image of customer slabs for 3D rendering and on-screen viewing of complete project, avoiding the risk and man hours involved with moving material for physical inspection, layout, and approval
    • Water treatment equipment ensures all water used for fabrication is captured and reused, significantly reducing the consumption and cost of city resources


    Add to that an unrivaled blend of both traditional and natural stone alternatives, as well as ever-evolving eco-friendly surface solutions.


    Milestone Benchtops will work with engineered and natural stone to provide you with amazing kitchen countertops. Our team can help you select material for your counter tops with samples of quartz in our showroom or providing information to visit granite yards in the area, limited granite and marble selections are available at our facility. A list of choices for edge detail is provided on this page and we can explain any of those options, with examples available in our showroom. We can also provide sinks for your job. We work with all of the quartz lines; links to the most popular brands are below to show color selections, warranty information on the material and explain care & maintenance of their product.


    Custom Countertop Fabrication, Custom Installation, Project Management, Scheduling, Materials Management, Sourcing for Large Scale Projects, Plumbing Reconnection, Custom Tile Work, Quartz Shower Walls, Custom Bartop/Island Supports, Complete Bathroom Renovations.


    Granite, a natural stone, is one of the hardest materials created in nature.   Granite is quarried throughout the world and comes in thousands of colors and unique patterns.  When compared to other stone surfaces, granite displays a denser look and more solid feel.  Common aesthetic characteristics of granite are the grain movement and overall pattern.  These patterns throughout the stone may portray a speckled blending of colors or a chunkier pattern depending on the size variation of the minerals in that particular granite.